Random Observations – Part 30

  • Having my music on shuffle and bopping along in my work chair when all of a sudden I get my nephews audio book ” Where going on a bear hunt”..kind of kills the dancing wiggle on chair.
  • Olly trying to convince me on a weekly basis that I should change my transportation mode to riding a bike.. maybe he thinks I have a death wish, I have no desire to ride on Sydney roads, so the silver bullet will remain my friend.
  • Merchant name on credit card statement which made me do a double take “Floss Bottom…” If you thought dirty your way off base, it was actually related to a cafe in Melbourne.
  • Love how I get a dirty look on the train trying to move out-of-the-way for a person shoulder barging her way off the train. Yes honey I’m moving out-of-the-way because 1 your breathing on my neck (GROSS) and 2 you keep thumping me with your bag. So I moved to accommodate your lack of respect for personal space.
  • Tater Tot 1 turned 13..mmm but I still haven’t forgotten he called me an old fart…Happy 13th Birthday!!
  • One of the best quotes I saw on a PA’s computer monitor…”your lack of organisation does not translate to my emergency” he-he still makes me giggle.
  • To my number 1 little man he turned 1 this week, I can’t believe how fast the year has passed, its amazing how a smile and a giggle from my gorgeous nephew can make my afternoon.

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