A Day At St Lucy’s School

Our company runs a program every year where you give back to the community.

I’ve work for this company for 5 years next week, and I have participated in 4 of these days. However it’s the first time I’ve participated in a Community Day that felt like it meant something. I’ve already put my hands up for next year should there be another project at the school.

Yesterday I help catalogue a Museum at St Lucy’s School – Excellence in education for children with disabilities.

Not only was I blown away by the amount of history the school has preserve from when it was just a school for the blind. I felt humbled by the whole experience. I really do think sometimes we take life for granted.  I was amazed at the support, encouragement and a mountain of love that these teachers, administrators, aids and volunteers give to this school.

I admit I was overwhelmed by the emotional I felt during my day there. I’m very thankful I got to participate and experience all the amazing the people there. Thank you.

Image 1.

This is a very unique Globe of the worlf was hand-made and presented to the students of St Lucy’s School in 1949 by Mr Bruce Young.

Image 2.

A Braille Charlotte’s Web  VI & VII – E.B White 1952

Image 3.

Perkins Brailler  – a simple machine use to write Braille. First produced in 1951 David Abrahams a woodworking teacher, it revolutionised communication for the blind.




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