Sporty Spice

Just call me Sporty Spice.  Nunes and I rode our bikes over the weekend. Saturday was a great day and Sunday I received a war wound from the stupid pedals while trying to change gears going up a bloody hill. However this entry is more about my Saturday experience.

Saturday arrives bright and early and what a gorgeous day it is.  Nunes has a Saturday off, our destination the Bike track out at Homebush Bay Olympic Park.

Before I begin it must be remembered that I’m not a morning person… I like waking up at my own pace and coffee is vital part of my morning routine.

I love Nunes dearly but seriously of a morning picture an Energizer Bunny cross with Chatty Cathy doll and you would have slight idea of what I experience the moment I open my eyes.

After a stop our favourite coffee shop for my injection of rocket fuel, where on our way…  I partially zone out as Nunes gives me a rundown of the whole bike operates, changing gears, and of course his previous accidents on bikes. All I can think of is yeah really helpful…I’m about to get on my first moving bike in years and he is telling me about accidents… I gulp down a few mouthfuls of coffee to curb the sarcastic response which is on the tip of my tongue as I know his comments come from the heart.

The moment of truth arrives… My stack hat is in place which I might add even after a few adjustments it still feels like it’s choking me.

Off we go… Nunes leads the charge taking off like an excited school kid and me I would call it more of tepid pace to ensure all my parts and extended parts of me are  coordinated and of course moving in the right direction.

The adventure begins, Nunes singing out instructions to me as I attempt to pedal and change gears at the same time… We managed to ride over 9km, with no side effects the next day. However the good news is I didn’t run Nunes off the track, even though it was tempting at times with his bossiness of when to change gears, I don’t think I destroy any vegetation even though I went off-road numerous times, no children or animals were harm during this experience. AND better yet, I didn’t fall off or go over the handle bars.

Image 1

Just call me Sporty Spice

Image 2

War wound from pedal 

Definition of Chatty Cathy Doll & Energizer Bunny




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