My Wedding Speech

I want to thank everyone for celebrating with us today.

Firstly, to my mother who has been my  foundation, she survived my tantrums  throughout my childhood, I’ll even admit to a few in my teenage years, and of course the arguments, never once has she doubted me and my decisions, she might not have always agreed but i always knew i had her support, she always believed in me. I want to take this opportunity to thank her not only for her enduring and mostly patient love, but also maintaining her sense of humour.

However, mostly importantly to our parents, to my Mum, Stephen, Victor, Teresa and Dad, I’d like to say thank you for your unconditional love and support over the last year. To Victor and Teresa for accepting me into their lives but most importantly realising how much their son means to me.

To two of my oldest friends Olivia and Jodie and Carmen, thank you for participating in our day.

To Catia, for helping out and providing the translations for us.

Well I have to say I’m glad we didn’t plan a wedding over a year.

This is what I’ve learnt…

  • At times I’ve wandered, were we crazy organising a wedding in 7 weeks. But we did it and here we are.
  • Toss a coin… it eliminates any arguments, Heads seem to be the  winning toss.
  • Alcohol.  Then it dawned on me what alcohol… as I came to terms with this realisation I’d be drinking apple juice, on my own wedding day… I couldn’t help but giggle for a brief gleeful moment couldn’t I  add a comment to the invite  stating “non alcoholic event for duration of wedding”, but i knew deep down that was slightly selfish and mean on my part even if it did amuse me for about 5 minutes. Plus Nuno decided to assert his husbandry right’s before our wedding and veto that decision.
  • Entertainment, from my understanding entertainment is big when attending a Portuguese wedding, now I want you to all to know this discussion came up many times over the last couple months. After another impasse about entertainment i finally asked what type of entertainment would be the norm… The response was Brazilian dancers, as i mulled over this response, a few things flash through my mind long legged almost naked gorgeous women, g strings, half naked men, and lots of sparkles. Now me being 5.5 months pregnant and occasionally hormonal about the way i look, I thought i came up with a brilliant compromise… Nuno was going to have get a bit of waxing done, don a g-string submit to a bit of  bedazzling on his outfit and he could wiggle his backside around the dance floor, but alas for some reason he wouldn’t come to the party, so I went a step further I offered up Hugo… I thought it was perfect his best friend could dance with him for moral support, but again the response was snort of laughter… Hence, why we have no dancers for you tonight.
  • Maintaining a sense of humour, throughout this whole process.
  • And, thankful having great friends & family who were supportive and listening to a vent or any crazed idea we had. And No Nuno you’re still not getting up and singing for us.

The lolly jar, represents where i met Nuno, 420 George street, everybody knew if you needed a hit of sugar, raid the jar behind my desk, as it was consider the never  ending lolly jar. But as most of you know as much as Nuno is into health and fitness he has a massive sweet tooth, hence the centre pieces.

Now to the most important person in the room Nuno;

All you need to know is I love you, and the day you proposed, was and will be one of my most precious memories for the rest of our lives. You once asked me what caught my attention, apart from a mutual passion  for travelling.  I remember the very moment; your face came alive as you describe in detail the book you were currently reading… All I could think of was this was too good to be true, not only was he handsome, and tall – (as you keep telling me you are just under 6 foot) you were an avid reader… Everything around us cease to exist as we exchange a reading list of novels that we both loved.  I knew then and there that it was only the beginning.

Throughout the obstacles that we’ve encounter, I knew that without a doubt my faith in you and our relationship we would survive.   I know we both have our moments, however when you look at me and smile i know everything is going to be ok.

I don’t have enough words to tell you, how much i look forward to the next chapter in our lives.

Would you please join me in raising your glasses to my new husband, they say you don’t marry the man you can live with; you marry the man you can’t live without, and for me, that’s Nuno.

Emma & Nuno – Picture taken by Jodie Doyle

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