Random “Pregnancy” Observations – Part 36

A few random observations over the last 8 months of pregnancy.
  • Being obsessed with Tang over the Summer holidays.  I forgot how much I use to love that drink as a child.. mmm lets not think of the sugar content.
  • Giving up certain foods and drinks can be rather depressing. I plan to over indulge in wine, salami, soft cheeses and lots of coffee once Baby Nunes arrives.
  • I don’t care what anyone says watching Baby Nunes move around in my stomach is kind of freaky in a cool way… But I can’t help but picture that scene from SpaceBalls (which I hated) when the alien rips open the stomach and starts singing and dancing.
  • Heartburn is hideous Baby Nunes is going to be a milkoholic with the amount of Milk i’ve drank over the last few months.
  • I should have invested in velcro strapped shoes. Pregnancy and shoes with laces don’t mix!
  • Love our couch but sitting on the couch while pregnant is not enjoyable, I have to roll from side to side to get off it.
  • Since being pregnant I’ve mastered the art of spilling food and drinks… I honestly don’t know what happens I’m aiming for my mouth but it end ups down the front of my clothing or on the floor.
  • Maintaining a sense of humour while pregnant is paramount.
  • Teaching my nephew to call me a walrus or elephant amused me and my brother to no end.
  • Speaking of Elephants 22 months gestational period…WOW is all I can say.
  • Maternity Jeans suck.. have to be the worse invention. I’ve mastered the plumbers crack wearing them.
  • Gestational Diabetes is frustrating… Kids Weet Bix is not really a safe food in my opinion.
  • 3D scans we felt cheated.. We paid $310 dollars to see a foot and a fist..
  • Can’t wait to be able to walk up a hill without breathing heavily.. or better yet having old people with walking sticks overtake me.
  • Baby Classes – OMG is all I can say, there are some strange people out there.. Here is a few highlights from our classes;
    • Can I measure my own cervix at home to figure out how far I’ve dilated??  (I’m still amused by this question)
    • One person diagnosed themselves with gestational diabetes before actually completing the oral GTT Test.
    • The weirdo earth mother who liberated the snack yogurt tubs and hid them in her bag to take home.
    • Those birthing videos are just wrong on so many levels.. Good thing I wear glasses as I won’t be watching the birth of our baby through a mirror.
  • Feet and legs have become unrecognisable with the amount of fluid I’ve retain in the last month. They almost look like squashed little piggies feet.
  • Being more vain about getting my waxing done, hair cut and coloured before Baby Nunes arrives, I love how the receptionist at our obstetrician’s office gets it and is happy to rearrange appointments. My hair looks fabulous… come on Baby Nunes make an appearance.
  • In the last couple of weeks all I want to eat is BBQ Chicken Pizza from  Crust Pizza’s. And my all time obsession at the moment and salivating at the thought  Bacon, avocado and egg toasted sandwiches, sobbbbbb I WANT ONE NOW!!!
  • I hate that book “Up the Duff”… There I said it and feel liberated!
As I finish off this post I have 20 Days left to go… Seriously considering Old Wives Tales to get this pregnancy moving to the contractions stage.

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