How I Feel Today

So I’m still pregnant no baby  insight and I’m still unable to tie to my shoes. (I really want to be able to tie my own shoe laces).

BABY NUNES is fully implanted in there and is apparently very happy as they keep telling me and not quite ready to make an appearance. Personally I think I’m in competition with the gestational period of an elephant 22 months …  Okay I’m being slightly dramatic, BUT I can’t help it I feel massive and I waddle.

On serious note this is the first week I haven’t really lived at the hospital, they have been monitoring me and the baby pretty much every day since I left work. They decided on Sunday that it was time for blood pressure medication as my blood pressure seems to have a mind of its own. On a positive note  at least I’m getting to know the midwives at the hospital. I’ve been given a reprieve for 2 days, no Dr’s or hospital. I’m so excited by this not that I’m really allow to move off the couch, but at least I don’t have to change my address to the hospital address.  So as you can imagine I”m on the verge of staging a protest at my doctor’s office I’m pretty sure I’ll have her receptionist on my side, My Dr is going to have to physically remove me on Tuesday.. Might get started on my protest sign “Not leaving without Baby Nunes this visit.”

OK so at the moment Induction is out, baby is not engaged and they won’t put me through it as it will be too hard for me.. There is no choice I have to wait till next Tuesday as My OB is away this weekend, so I’m crossing my legs. Apparently a Dr Morris is going to look after me if anything happens. Just what you want to hear you pay thousands of dollars to end up with someone you haven’t even meet. So I’m crossing my legs and not moving off the couch.. I’ve got a pretty good imprint of my backside happening on there as it is.

And I feel liberated in the fact I wagged the last baby class….they just went on forever. However the midwives know that you don’t remember anything.. THANK GOD since Nuno I failed how to wrap the pretend baby.

Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll have the nesting instinct when the baby is ready to make an appearance.. I’m mean honestly, what the hell is that.. how can you have the nesting instinct when you can’t move off couch!!!

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