High Heels Vs Comfortable Trainers

My gorgeous little boy was christening today and of course we were all dressed up for the occassion.

However I’ve realised one thing, my passion for shoes might be waning. I was so excited my luscious suede purple high heels came out for a viewing.. and I will admit my legs look great in heels, plus the heels give me extra height, which is always a bonus. However within 5 mins all I could think of was taking them off. With an earth shattering realisation high heels are uncomfortable, really uncomfortable, my toes felt squashed and I was tottering along and to be honest I felt like i’d forgotten how to walk in heels. I mean who cares if they look great all I could think of was my trainers and how comfortable and easy they are to walk in.

How horrifying for me. Has motherhood cure me of being vain when it comes to gorgeous sexy shoes??? This is a major dilemma for me, because I have a cupboard full of unwearable shoes… well not unwearable their still gorgeous and sexy but at this present moment they don’t interest me. Like I said horrifying I can’t help but ask myself will I ever want to wear them again.

For me these days its my trainers i’m in love with my trainers, i’m developing a new appreciation for them.. Prams and trainers are a perfect fit, high heels and prams are just a hazard waiting to happen.

I guess the question is maybe I should change my obsession from sexy high heels to sporty comfort. Trainers in a range of colours and style. I think i’m going to need another cupboard!


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