30 Day Challenge – WiiFit Plus – Day 5

I nearly didn’t get on the Wii today, I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

  1. I had already walked an hour and half in 30 degree heat to keep Baby Nunes nice and docile;
  2. I was a little bit sore after my session with Nat; and
  3. After 1.5 hour crying/screaming fit from Baby Nunes I was ready for the mental institution not a session on the Wii.

With my  ears still ringing and Baby Nunes sleeping from exhaustion  I decided to square off with the balance board.

I can honestly say my Hoola Hooping skills have not improved with age, I was pretty pathetic at it when I was in primary school and nothing has changed.  I’m not sure many people get “FAIL” flashing across the TV screen, well that’s what happen to me.. Not exactly motivational speak.

Yet the good news is my hubby is becoming my sugar daddy, as our virtual  age gap continues to  grow at an alarming rate… As of today my current Wii Fit age is 41.


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