Date Night

Hubby and I went on a date…

After nearly 8 months and with our  one year wedding anniversary fast approaching, we decided we needed a couple of practice runs with Mini Nunes being babysat by his grandparents.

Now isn’t suppose to be the mother that is beside herself leaving her baby for the first time. I would just like to state I was very calm.. Hubby on the other hand was wreck.

I thought we’d  be out  the door around 7pm… mmm make that 45 mins later… Poor hubby… He triple checked Mini Nunes even after I had checked him and assured him he was fast asleep, he repeated instructions to his parents at least 10 times, even though I had already given his mother instructions on what she should do if he wakes up.

Once we were  out the door… I couldn’t help but state to hubby in an exasperated tone “nervous much”  he guilty admits yes.. as he double checks that he has his keys, wallet and  proceeds to  puts his belt on I can’t help but state do you have your phone.. as he does a mad panic pat down of his pockets he grins and goes “Yep let’s go”

As  we climbed in the car we promised each other that we would stay out till midnight. We were child free the world was our oyster… .. fast forward to 930pm… I needed tooth picks to prop up my eye lids..I couldn’t help but comment I need my bed, do you think we could just get a take away pizza and have a nap in the car, as we both giggle at the though. How boring we had become.

Our first date was a success even if we had blood-shot eyes, constantly yawned, and wonder could we get away with cap napping at the dinner table.  And of our course Mini Nunes was the perfect little angel he slept until about 5 minutes after we walked back in door.


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