Baby Gates

So currently we’re on the prowl for a baby gate.

Choice Magazine and Product Review by real Australians, Help make you second guess yourself when trying to figure out what to buy.

We’re lucky we have no stairs, we just close off the doors but the kitchen is a problem. What is it with babies / kids with kitchen’s these are my latest observations;

  • Oh look garbage bin lets attack it. Woo Hoo I can pull it over.  (Mummy can’t say gross enough).
  • Oh look I can see myself in the oven door.. must crawl closer and admire  myself.
  • Oh look mummy dropped a garlic glove on floor, I’ll just shove that in my mouth.
  • Oh look cupboard door appears to be ajar, lets swing it backwards and forwards. I can pretend its a giant palm frond and I’m cooling myself

So the baby gate hunt is on, however personally I think I have the perfect solution.. my clothes horse while cooking has become my temporary baby gate…


Oh god as I stare at it I’m having visions of him sticking his head through the gap and screaming down the unit complex.


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