Too Quiet

I should have known.. while I was peeling veggies in the kitchen, I could hear Mini Nunes banging on his musical activity set, so I knew he was entertaining himself.

Then all of a sudden all background noises ceased,  I then realised it was too quiet way to quiet.

As my heart stopped, I raced from the kitchen and was confronted by this image….Mini Nunes had managed to pull himself up on to the TV cabinet.

I watched him with fascination as he balanced away eating the drink coaster… While Mummy stood in a  stunned statue kind of way with thoughts of holy shit.. crap… and something a bit more harsher f*&k..I slowly crept towards him to pull him down off his latest perch.

I do believe its all over red rover now.. There will be no stopping him.

IMG_1849 IMG_1853


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