The Things You See In My Hood

This morning while walking to the chiro, I came upon a couple walking their pet pig down Robert Street Artarmon. It had no lead and followed very happily down the street.  I have to say seeing this made my morning. I couldn’t stop staring I attempted to take a photo but I did look a bit stalker like aiming my camera phone in their direction.

However I must say around my hood, we do normally see the lady walking her ferret, the hamster in his rolly ball, and of course the lady that takes the cat out for walk on its lead.  So the pig is not really out-of-place.

I guess functional pets are no longer the norm…

I wonder should I get Mini Nunes a pot belly pig as a pet. I can see it now us going out for a morning/evening stroll, with piggy following behind!



One thought on “The Things You See In My Hood

  1. I would have loved a better photo of the pig and I think mini Nunes needs a dog and I can see the lot of you going to Lanecove for coffee each morning with every one commenting on your beautiful two children

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