Practice Run

I’m getting ready for Mini Nunes 1st Birthday, I can’t believe in 2 months my little boy is going to be one.

My checklist

  • Women’s Weekly Birthday Cookbook
  • Theme – Soccer
  • Birthday present ( which he has seen and appears to hate but that’s another blog post)

So today I attempted his birthday cake, I should state that this was a very a long 2 day process.


First cake burnt to a crisp. I trusted the oven thermometer  I purchased instead of my  own instinct. Not enough batter, again should have trusted my own instinct. Disaster pretty much sums it up.

Second attempt, ignored the oven thermometer, double the amount of batter, trusting my own instinct I produced  a gorgeous golden brown butter cake..

I let the cake cool overnight, as by this stage it was 10 at night..

Next step I googled natural food colourings.

I decided to use raspberries, instead of beetroot to achieve the colour red.. I admit it’s not a deep red more of a pink red but it sure does taste nice.

The green was more of a dirty yellow-green then the emerald-green I desired. So I’m ditching the fruit roll ups and going to use green lolly snakes instead.

Logo’s were made out of white chocolate. They do need a lot of work especially the Portuguese cross.

I have to say I was pretty happy with my dodgy attempt of Portuguese Soccer Jersey –  Raspberry buttercream frosting butter cake.

I just like to say thanks to my taste testers  hubby, Nat, and of course my hubby’s work mates


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