Mothers Day

I celebrated my first Mothers Day today.

I had grand plans. Hubby was going to take us out for breakfast, Mini Nunes was going to be the perfect well-behaved child.

Let me translated to what really happen..I’m honestly not sure who was more exhausted by the end of the day, Mini Nunes, Hubby or me.

Mini Nunes refused to sleep, all he wanted was cuddles, (I blame the In-laws they babysat on Saturday night and pretty much cuddled him all night.)

I made my own breakfast and coffee while Hubby walked around the unit with a demanding 11 month old.  By 3pm we placed an unhappy Mini Nunes in the pram to go for  walk.. For the first time he was quiet as he watched the world go by.

By the time Dinner rolled around Mini Nunes was throwing a tantrum like nothing else… I swear he is getting more and more stubborn as he gets older.

Here I was secretly hoping he would sleep through the night… Nope far from it woke up every 3 hours just being fussy.

So my advice to myself for next mothers day  no dreaming of the perfect child being well behave and definitely  no dreaming of going out for breakfast..

However I did get a tiny sleep in and a present so it wasn’t all bad a day.


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