Random “Motherhood” Observations – Part 37

  • I sometimes think I love my Nespresso Coffee machine more than my husband. As my caffeine injection does get me through the days when I’m running on empty.  But Reheating ones’ coffee 3 times is just not right.
  • I love how toys come with a high and low volume. Why can’t Mini Nunes come with this button. His is loud, ear piecing and deafening.
  • I’m convinced boys are innately programmed to try and destroy everything in sight. So far  Mini Nunes has destroy my computer adaptor, his groegg adaptor & has done something to his nightlight to make it stay permanently on.
  • I’ve rethought my idea of hell its a teething baby who refuses to sleep.
  • Changing Mini Nunes clothes and nappy makes me feel like I’ve just completed running a marathon.
  • I do love listening to my son who is supposed to be sleeping giggling uncontrollably with his daddy.
  • I swear I’m slowly developing the patience of saint especially when it comes to nap times.
  • One thing I’ve realised over the last 11 months as Mini Nunes gets bigger it requires tremendous upper body strength, who needs to go to gym when I can carry around my own personal weight of 12kgs. No wonder I have tendonitis is both arms.
  • There are different types of quiet.. The good quiet when Mini Nunes is sleeping, the bad quiet which normally happens just before an over tired, frustrated at not getting his own way, half hungry Mini Nunes launches into a full-scale screaming tantrum. Then my all time favourite that unnerving quiet when you realise Mini Nunes is up to no good. And when he’s been caught he does this mad dash crawl across the room then sits up and stares at you with a grin as if to say “What I didn’t do anything”

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