And the Oscar Nomination goes to???

Mini Nunes is in contention for an Oscar nomination I’ve decided.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been letting him roam free in our court yard. He crawls quiet happily around, pulls some weeds eats dead leaves.  Maybe he will have a better green thumb than his mother.

However I’ve noticed as soon as I bring him inside the hysterics start.

Mini Nunes starts with the sitting at the screen door looking longingly out then turns to look at me within a nanosecond his bottom lip starts to  tremble. Within a second or too its full scale screaming, crying meltdown.. If  I ignore it or calmly tell him to follow me.. His wailing get louder as he pulls himself up and bangs repeatedly on the door.

So far the only way to contain this slightly overdramatic you’ve left my favourite toy outside is to pick him up and distract him with something else.

No wonder the neighbours upstairs call him Mr Noisy.. My boy certainly has a set of lungs on him and a flair for the dramatics. God help me when he becomes a teenager.



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