The Cake Man to take over Lane Cove

Normally we get take away cakes.. But yesterday was the first time I sat down and had morning tea with Mini Nunes (aka Tornado) and my dear friend Susie. I have to say I was very impressed with service, food and the fact they were very kind to my clumsiness I blame being 22 weeks pregnant, I really don’t remember being this bad normally. Lets just say I was beyond accident prone. I knocked over a table at the their cafe, then proceeded to knock over my coffee cup thankful I had finished my coffee, (one must not waste coffee) my plate  and lets not forget watching the table number go skiding along the floor.. Oh and Mini Nunes thought it would be great to blow kisses and of course leave smudgy handprints all over their glass window while he watched everyone work in the kitchen.



For 36 years, Sam the Cake Man has been a baker.  He started his training at the prestigious Charleroi in Belgium.  He is a man of many talents – he can speak three languages and of course the language of cakes. 

Sam relocated from Europe to Australia and has worked in a few different bakeries.  At one bakery his apprentice was Adriano Zumbo!! 

Every day Sam is at the shop at 5.00am.  Peter, his first customer arrives at 5.05 am.   He does not pack up the shop until at least 6.00 or 7.00 pm at night.

The day starts with making Danish pastries, croissants and snails.  He then moves on to make about 20 large cakes, 200 to 300 small cakes, 50 quiches and 200 pies.Image

 His busiest days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  On the weekend he can produce up to 40 novelty cakes.  No wonder he goes…

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