Bid To Get Formula Warnings – SMH 14 Sept 2013 – RANT

15 months ago I gave birth to Mini Nunes

Hubby and I discussed   the breast-feeding / bottle feeding debate.  Our attitude was if it worked great if it didn’t than we go to formula. As we believed that the situation would affect all of us in the long run.
I had a rough few days in hospital . Some of the nurses were a bit pushy in their opinions on breast-feeding and telling me to keep trying. Plus the information was inconstant everyone told me something different and I would get in trouble if i didn’t do it the way that nurse told me to.. To  gross you out I’ve got scabs and peeling skin on nipples. One nurse wouldn’t give me formula until I proven to her that I tried Mini Nunes on the breast.  Horrendous is the only word I can use to describe this situation.. I tried but no milk my baby was starving and only sleeping a couple of hours.. And of course me in tears.  I made an off handed comment about her to another nurse, the next thing I know the nurse that refused me formula came and saw me and gave me back-handed of apology of well what was the problem you got formula in the end.  Lucky Hubby was holding the baby at the time because I think he would have killed her.  Hubby ended up staying with me Saturday and Sunday night with me at the hospital as I didn’t want be alone. My blood pressure had started creeping up again , I was stressing every time I was put on the breast pump I was in tears the baby was in tears so Sunday afternoon, we made the decision to pull the plug on breast-feeding.  I might have had abundance of colostrum as they kept saying to me, but my milk just wasn’t coming through at a fast enough pace to keep up with Mini Nunes demands.  It’s became a running joke he has his father’s appetite hollow legs.

But realistically none of that matters now… We’re doing what’s best for us, even though people still can’t help themselves and comment.

However this article posted on SMH on weekend annoyed me to no end.

WHAT an insult to women who have major issues breastfeeding. UNBELIEVABLE, just thinking about the article makes me want snot someone in the nose.

The reasons why this article as upset, annoyed and made me angry on many levels. I personally find this ridiculous and insulting.

  • Being a first time mum is hard enough without a guilt trip about making the  decision to formula feed.
  • Breast is NOT best for all mums.
  • I wish there was a lot more support offered to mums who formula fed, because there are millions of healthy and happy adults walking around today who were formula fed.
  • I wonder have any studies been done between Postnatal depression and being unable to breastfeed. Nobody knows a mother’s struggle and nobody should be judging.
  • Isn’t the most important aspect to be able to feed YOUR baby. Whether it be breastfeeding of formula. There is nothing worse hearing a baby screaming due to starvation.

I’ll stop ranting now.

As I’ll be  honest I have no hesitation in taking the same route when No.2 arrives in January.


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