Dear Mini Nunes


It’s official your more stubborn than me. I can not believe that at 36 years of age, you at 15 months are breaking me.. HOW is this possible.

I do not understand the resistance for nap time, YOUR tired, I’m tired, I’ve never been so mentally, emotionally and physically tired as I am right now.. YET you sit in your cot screaming on and off or yelling out dadadada..(Trust me when I say if could teleport you to your father right now I WOULD.)  Again I can’t help but think how is it possible you’re breaking me.

Honestly If I was wrapped in a warm blanket,  soothingly patted on my bottom and whisper ‘shhhhhh’ and given a cuddle, I’m fairly sure I would just go to sleep – instead of protesting about if for the last hour. SERIOUSLY I BEG YOU GO TO SLEEP.

I use to remember what silence was, you’ve destroy that for me.. I miss that silence I would just like to experience it for 15 minutes that is all. PLEASE for the love of god go to sleep. Again I come to the above point. How is it possible your breaking me.

Here I am thinking if sit real still and not move and hardly breath you won’t hear me and you might just fall into blissful sleep.. WHO am I kidding.. Your out to break me. Your 15 months old and your breaking me.  God help me when you’re a teenager, the battle of wills we will endure are going to be on par with a world war I’ve decided.

Your not hungry, you have no fever,  your nappy is clean and dry, your just being plain stubborn, you don’t want to be in the cot you don’t want to have sleep, your protesting loud enough for the whole of street to hear. The sad thing is its gotten to the point that it’s too late for an afternoon sleep.  So far your winning this week. You scream and protest to the point that it’s not worth attempting.  Again I come to the above point your breaking me.  Nevertheless today you have broken me. I have nothing left to give. It’s official you win. Because I know as soon as I get you out of that cot you will be all smiles and angelic.. THAT might fool some people but I know what your really like.

However remember this my darling boy, this ONE thought is keeping me kind of sane, when you finally move out of home, I plan to camp in YOUR house scream for no reason, stamp my feet, throw dummy / toys across my bedroom until I get my own way. AND my response will be I’m just training you for fatherhood. Because my only hope is your future children ARE more stubborn than you are!!!!!!!!!!

Love your broken mother x



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