Size 2 Ummm I don’t think so.

Hubby made a comment to me last night while staring at a couple of pair of shorts from Pumpkin Patch for Mini Nunes.. They will not fit him, was his response I went don’t be ridiculous there a size 2 of course they will fit.

With Hubby’s voice echoing in my head this morning I thought mmm let’s try those shorts on before I throw them into the wash.

OMG my chunky turkey drumstick legs of a 15 month no longer fits into a size 2 Pumpkin Patch pair of shorts. Adjustable waist sizing WHAT a laugh,I was unable to adjust any further… Breathe in Mini Nunes while Mummy tries to button them up. They were so tight,  with a tiny bit of protesting coming from Mini Nunes we only just managed to close the button.

I seriously need to start looking for clothes not made in Asia. It would appear clothing manufactures just don’t take into an account Portuguese Italian descent. My little muscle man is a big boy as of yesterday he was tipping the scales at 15kg.

On a side note I did speak to one of the girls at Pumpkin Patch telling her of my disbelief that my 15 month who has never had any problem with their clothing sizing is now having issues. Her response was you’re not the only one, we’ve changed designers and the clothes are smaller.

HELL yeah heaps smaller I thought. So as of today when it comes to Pumpkin patch shorts / jeans / pants my 15 month old is in a size 3.


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