Prenatal Yoga – Session 1

Due to lower back pain I’ve been experience with this pregnancy  its been recommended to me that I find somewhere to do Prenatal Yoga. After a few recommendations from other mums I found Mitch (Michelle). Who can I just say is fabulous, what amazing energy she has.. As soon as I met her I knew it was meant to be. However I will admit I’ve never really understood the fascination with Yoga, BUT I finally get it. Oh My God I LOVE IT!

I had to break the news to Hubby last night, that I’m officially in love with my Yoga Instructor. He took it surprisingly well I  thought. His response was if Mitch has put a smile on your face when you move instead of a grimace he goes I’m in love with her too.

I feel great, I honestly can’t believe the difference in after just one session. I can move without feeling pain. Last night I was just laying in bed with a smile on my face. Hubby was laughing he goes look at you, you can’t stop grinning, I’m like you don’t understand the pain I’ve been feeling and look I can roll from side to side without almost crying and I can bounce out of bed to go to bathroom. Even walking to Lane Cove this morning it wasn’t a shuffle it was more like a power walk.. Well as much as pregnant waddle will allow you to power walk.

I even felt better within myself not so emotional about everything.

I’ve told Mitch that she now has a devoted follower, or maybe I should call myself her stalker.


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