Prenatal Yoga – Session 3

I make it to Wednesday and all I can think is 2 more sleeps till Friday.. By Thursday I’m climbing the walls.. I just want to skip Thursday and go straight to Friday lesson with Mitch. By Thursday night everything is just starting to hurt again.

Oh how I love Friday at 11am.. A little bit of me time. And a lot of OMG  WOW no really WOW that hurts but feels amazing.  I can not believe the difference in just a few sessions.

I have a new love for hip flex stretches WOW is all I can say.. I did call Mitch cruel at one stage because of the pain but it was a good pain I could feel it stretching.. But WOW the feeling afterwards was amazing.. I have no words to describe it apart from WOW.. Mitch couldn’t help but laugh at me as I sat there with a silly grin on my face I’m rendered speechless apart from saying OMG WOW you have no idea, OMG WOW that feels amazing I feel no pain on my left side.

If I’m not careful I could be come one of those people that constantly talks and tries to convince people this is the new thing to do; Do a hip flex stretch for a new lease of life for sore back. I’ll be hip flex stretch verbal bashing person everyone will try an escape from

Fast forward to phone call with hubby after lesson.

Hubby: Hi
Me: Hiiiiii (Sing song type of voice)
Hubby: mmmm you still in love??
Me: Yes its a serious love I have.. I love Mitch.. she just taught me a new stretch and OMG WOW I feel amazing.
Hubby: I guess that love affair is not going to diminish anytime soon..
Me: Nope.. (long sigh…..)
Hubby: Laughter. That’s good babe, glad she makes you feel better.


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