Random Observations – (Parenting & Pregnancy) Part 40

  • Mini Nunes hit me in the temple with the iPad it should be call an iWeapon for toddlers brought me to tears hurt like hell!
  • Hubby chases Mini Nunes, Mini Nunes chases a dog… Got to the love the park!
  • I have to wonder if Mini Nunes is slamming his bedroom door shut now, what does that hold for the future when he is an actually teenager.
  • Mini Nunes definitely takes after his mother no green thumb he kills plants.
  • And a note to one self do not wear a fire rated t-shirt when pregnant and walking.. I couldn’t understand why I was dying of heat. Told Hubby I was wearing his t-shirt from Marrs Cranes he goes umm Em that’s fire rated no wonder your hot. Argghhh no wonder I thought I was going to die of heat
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