No Fear.. Meanwhile I’m Surprised My Waters Didn’t Break.

It’s official Mini Nunes appears to have no fear… Meanwhile I’m surprised my waters didn’t break.

I swear he is going to put me into an early labour. I  turned around from picking up his water bottle from floor yesterday evening and he standing on the dinner table!! He has no fear of heights and he does it with ease. In the end I filmed him so hubby could see the latest trick his beloved son had taught himself.   The Tornado is a hazard I tell you.

Late last night Hubby moved all the chairs into spare / junk bedroom bar one so I would be able to sit on it today.. However much to my horror even with putting the chair in the middle of living room, I watched Tornado moved the chair across the room  to the front of table where the high chair normal sits so he could climb onto the table.

God give me strength..



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