Random Observations – (Parenting & Pregnancy) – Part 42

  • If your child has been screaming on and off since just before 7am do you think 9:25am is too early to eat chocolate???
  • Why do people keep asking me if I’m going for a third when I’m still pregnant.  So far this week I’ve had 3 people ask me if I’m going for a 3rd baby. My response perhaps I should finish off this pregnancy, have bub before I even think of a third!
  • Just ordered name tags and a back pack for Mini Nunes. My Bubba is going to Day Care next year.
  • Baby Proms The Nutcracker was a bit of disaster. Too slow for Tornado, we had to leave after 20 minutes. He was happy when the music and dancing was on, but as soon as it stop he was chatting to the lady next to us.
  • Hubby telling me it’s the best $10 dollars he has ever spent on a Bacon & Egg roll at the Opera House. I couldn’t help but remind him we can get a Bacon & Egg roll at our local coffee shop for $5. However after he convinced me to taste it I can understand why he thought it was the best $10 he had spent.

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