Random Observations – (Parenting) – Part 43

  • I swear Mini Nunes could try the patience of a Saint. He’d have Mother Teresa huddled in a corner.
  • We experience separate corners yesterday lets just say it was a stand-off, we were both ignoring each other. I’d locked myself in the kitchen behind the baby gate and Mini Nunes had the run of living room. It was a blissful 10 minutes before I came out from behind my barricade.
  • Swimming was a huge success, not sure what was more entertaining, watching Mini Nunes or watching Hubby learning all the songs.
  • Little Kickers the next Ronaldo wasn’t exactly showing off his skills.   Mini Nunes is so used to having so many soccer balls at home and all different sizes, I don’t think he like the concept of only getting one so he would go off to the corner of room and try to take more OPPS!

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