Soccer Player In The Making

Mother in Law looked after Mini Nunes yesterday while I went to yoga than went out to lunch with my mum. One of the things she does is  picks up Mini Nunes up when he falls over and makes a bit of a production out of it . Whereas hubby and I gauge the situation if we know he isn’t hurt we tell him to dust himself off and keep going.

Roll forward to this morning.

Mini Nunes  sort of trip on a big toy truck he had sitting in the middle of the room, he manage to rebalance himself. However as he stood up he looked at mum and me and grab his arm and started screaming. Mum and I watch on in amusement as I said to him there is nothing wrong with you, stop carrying on.  I’ll be honest his arm didn’t even touch the ground when he trip, if he had stub his toe yes I could understand but his arm no.  You could see Mini Nunes size up the situation as he looked at mum and me with a half-hearted scream coming from his mouth. He all of a sudden drop the arm he was clutching smiled at mum and me then took off running like there was no tomorrow.

All I could think of he is a great soccer player in the making.


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