Poor Mini Nunes not only do I arrive home with his baby brother within 48 hours of being home he is diagnosed with tonsillitis. My poor Bubba has never been this sick before, high temperatures, vomiting and just generally miserable.

Giving him antibiotics is hideous he gets so distraught. As I said to hubby I don’t care if we don’t get the 5 ml in as long as we get most of it in his mouth.

As for me I’m not coping well watching my Bubba being so miserable. It didn’t help that both Mini Nunes were crying at the same time tonight. Mini Nunes No.2 was easily settled by giving him a bottle. As I waited for Mini Nunes No.1 to come out of the shower all I could do was sit on the couch crying as I felt helpless not being able to pick up my baby boy who was so miserable. As hubby gave me hug telling me he was going to be ok, Mini Nunes No.1 cuddled into the side of me as we sat on the couch together, watching Curious George.


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