The Joys Of Parenting

I’m alive… but barely this week, I swear this parenting gig can be overrated and I’m convinced some mornings I feel like I’m getting ready to go into battle. Thank god for my Nespresso machine I’m seriously in love with that appliance.

Absolutely gutted Tornado was  diagnosed on Monday with mild middle ear infection in both ears and upper chest infection, I swear we’ve just had 2 months of continually sickness.  So trying to give him antibiotics is like wrestling a rhino. I’ve known for a while  but as of this week its official Tornado has an addiction… “My name is Tornado and I’m addicted to Curious George”  I swear he is on the verge of needing a support group. We’ve watch quite a few episodes during the day and unfortunately I can name all the characters and sadly I even have my favourite episodes.  Mmm maybe I need to attend Curious George addictions meetings too.

And it would appear after flooding my laundry on the weekend I have enough towels to start my own hotel or at least a Bed & Breakfast..

BUT the good news is I still have my sense of humour but only just.


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