Luscious Purple Suede High Heels = Evil Shoes

Seriously why do women do it to themselves.

Why do we feel the need to wear high heels.

Please tell me… Is it because they look good, because they make us feel sexy or is it because they give us that extra little bit of height we  crave.

It’s official I’m putting it out there. I HATE high heels, yes you read correctly I hate them.  Maybe it’s because I no longer wear them or just maybe I’ve come to my senses.

On Saturday night I wore a pair of these torture devices we call high heels.. After a few hours I felt my back twitching, my lower back was screaming in pain, my feet were throbbing.. And it was official I was hobbling back to the car.

My lower back, spasm as I laid down in bed. I couldn’t help but groan as I rolled over. My world of pain was only just beginning.

Bent double I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning as I struggling to straighten myself out, I manage to do a few stretches to help my lower back feel slightly normal.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw them… My Luscious Purple Suede High Heels or as I was affectionately calling them, evil, horrendous, hideous shoes that were making me feel like I needed a walking frame.

As I glared at them all I could think of was NEVER EVER AGAIN.  Mmmmm well until the next time I actually go out to dinner with hubby.

The things women do to feel sexy.



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