Party In The Park ( Happy Birthday To My Nephew)

Today we celebrated my nephew’s 4th birthday, he had party in the park.

The perfect place for Tornado to burn off energy..  OMG I’m never going to a party by myself with him again.

The following incidents took place.

Tornado  made some random older child cry he was probably around 9-10 years old.  Why that child was on the toddlers gym set at park is beyond me. I hear you ask how could a 22 month old make an older child cry . Well firstly it was an accident. And again I will state I don’t think the child should have been on the toddler gym set especially when around the corner there is the same thing for older children.  All Tornado was doing was copying what he was doing. The best we would make out from the sobbing older child was Tornado and his 15.5kg body mass stood on his finger and squished it.


Lets  not forget Tornado  wanted to go down the slippery dip and one of my nephew’s  friends was just sitting at the top of slippery dip not moving checking out the lay of the land. Tornado  waited at his side than move around and stood behind of him. I guess in Tornado’s world he waited a reasonable mount of time. Before I could stop him, Tornado pushed the child in the back so he went down the slide followed very closely with Tornado flying head first down after him.

Mummy was horrified and embarrassed, I apologised to my nephew’s little friend, while Tornado took off laughing and squealing around the gym set to go down the slide again.


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