Old Friends

I’ve known these ladies for 20 odd years. I feel old just writing that sentence.

These ladies were apart of my anchor group growing up. Even their families adopted me as one of there own. 

What a fabulous night being surrounded my old family and friends celebrating a dear friends wedding. I haven’t laughed that much ages, you know to the point your stomach hurts from laughing so hard.  

I miss those friendships we live so far apart but whenever we get back together it’s just like old times.

And of course hubby was a hit, got to love those Italian ladies that always had a place at their table for me whenever I wanted. As the they gave  him a hug and kiss and welcomed him with open arms all they could say was Next time your home with Emma you come to my place, I cook for you. What do you like to eat I’ll cook it. Anything you can have anything you want!! Somehow I feel Hubby’s become an honanary local of my home town. 




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