• Parenting is beyond gross sometimes. I’ve just had to remove poo from the bath. I seriously cannot get my hands clean enough. I think even Tornado was horrified, one leg in bath one leg in air with the words poo gross mummy. Yes yes it is darling… Now hand me the bleach! 
  • Being house bound with sick kids who are contagious with foot and mouth, is like being in prison with the worse possible inmates who are infectious. Seriously it was 2 weeks of hell. Surviving on limited sleep with constant whinging and crying is enough for any adult to cave under pressure. 
  • Not only was poor Hurricane suffering from Foot and Mouth he was cutting 3 teeth as well. Can we say HELL!
  • The moment of blissfully silence when both kids are asleep. I love that moment. 
  • Listening to Tornado giggling while playing with Daisy only to realise he is throwing my life line my precious Nesspresso Coffee pods at her.  I think he’s forgotten mummy needs coffee to survive! 

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