Fire Mummy Fire

I had a vanilla candle burning in the living room. My plan was to leave it on while the kids ate their dinner.

As watched Tornado munching on some rice he suddenly went very still and was staring off into the distance. I realised he had noticed the candle on the mantle of the fire-place.

Mummy look fire he yelled.

No bubba its just a smelly candle burning.

As Tornado’s stare intensified  he suddenly started yelling we need to call the fire engine. Fire engine, burnie hot mummy, water hose.  As he kept yelling and pointing he climb down off the bench and took off to the living room.

As I followed I couldn’t help but wonder where this latest obsession had come from. Three weeks ago fire engine’s were not even on his radar. I had never heard them mention. In the last week it’s all I’ve heard about. If a siren goes screaming passed our house I hear a stampede of running with Tornado yelling fire engine, ambulance mummy.

I watched him from the doorway of the living room, I couldn’t help but think he’s growing up so fast, and learning things so quickly.

As he stood in front of the fire-place pointing and yelling at the candle. He turned to look at me and then back to the candle. As he walked closer he continued on telling me in a very serious yelling tone, it’s fire mummy we need water. Burnie hot. Need water. Fire engine come. Water hose.

I think if he could have arranged it we would have had the whole fire department here distinguishing my candle. Note to oneself no more candles when the kids are around.


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