• Tornado has taken over my Yoga Mat, he thinks it’s his mat. He tells me my Yoga mat mummy… Ummm No bubba it’s mummy’s Yoga mat. NO Mummy it’s mine as he rolls it out and take pride position laying flat on his back with his pillow and blanket. Oh well I guess I got to start somewhere with him.  I think he has perfected the art of Savasana

 Savasana Tornado



Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Nothing is in sync.

The breathing is out. The poses don’t come together. The focus is wobbly.

I’m trying not to be to disappointed in myself.

As Jo says that’s why we practice.

So tonight might not have been my best effort. I tried and for some reason it didn’t come together.

I’ll just keep trying. Next practice is a new day.


  • I dropped Tornado off at Preschool this morning. While chatting to the teachers, I couldn’t help but notice a little girl out of the corner of my eye. THE little snot without even trying had perfected the arm section of the Eagle pose. Absolutely perfect. Her arms were intertwined with grace as she stood still. Again can I say little snot.

So after that little observation it got me thinking and I started watching my kids around the house.

  • At different stages of the day they do many yoga poses.
  • I love watching Hurricane attempting the Cobra pose he does it a few times in a row and then does this little sigh of contentment.
  • Hurricane has a tendency to do the Happy Baby pose while he is waiting for his bottle, he’s so cute because he is giggling uncontrollably as he grabs his feet.
  • I’ve seen Tornado become very still when he’s outside playing. He stands in Tree Pose taking in a few breaths and just as you blink he takes off again.

I think my boys will eventually do Yoga with their mummy. Well I’m hoping they will!


I needed Yoga this week, I couldn’t wait to get on the mat.

I knew I needed to be there when half an hour earlier, I had threaten the kids and the dog with I would sell them on eBay for a 3 for 2 deal if they didn’t start behaving.  God love them, but they really can test the patience of a saint some days.

My class didn’t disappoint.

We concentrated on a few breathing techniques tonight. Which was wonderful. Sometimes I need to be reminded to be in the moment.

As I continued the breathing exercises I could feel myself become centred, settled and of most importantly  more in tune with myself. It’s important to touch base with  how I was feeling within myself and how my body was feeling.



All the while reminding myself that self-care, self-love, and stillness was very important to my health to who I am as a person, a wife and mother.

RANDOM OBSERVATIONS – (Toilet training continues) – PART 54

  • The joys of toilet training, I’m unable to get the potty seat warm enough for Tornado’s royal tushi. I have progress to putting a towel over the oil heater for  a couple of minutes till its warm, than covering the potty. Success because the royal tushi is happy to sit on the potty.
  • It’s winter. It’s cold. I’ve given my son a warm potty to sit on… BUT Noooooo my son feels the need to go outside in the dark with all the sensor lights on so he can pee on the tree. Bring on Summer and Day Light Savings.